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Digital Marketing Group San Antonio “DMG” is a full-service hybrid marketing agency that specializes in digital innovation and online advertising for small businesses, agencies and corporations in San Antonio, TX., and surrounding areas.

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Why Choose DMG?


#1 Digital Agency in San Antonio

Digital Marketing Group is proud to be the only independent digital agency in San Antonio to offer personalized digital and results-driven services to their clients.

24/7 Local Support. No Video Calls or Webinars.

At Digital Marketing Group we take our customer’s time and needs very seriously. This is why we offer 24/7 local support to provide the best service and quality of work possible.

All-in-one Online Business Solutions

With Digital Marketing Group you don’t have to shop around, we have all you need to move your business forward. We are a one stop shop fully equipped to provide all the digital services you could ever need.

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What makes us the BEST in the industry?

We care about your business growth.

If your business grows. Our business will grow too. We are not only your marketing experts, but we also are your business partners to help you grow.

There is no one else better than us. Period.

No one knows our consumers better than those that have lived in their shoes. We are the marketing experts who previously worked with advertising agencies and decided to get together to help San Antonio businesses grow. We understand our market and are the leaders in digital marketing.

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Our Google Analytics API provides you with Easy-to-read reports and graphs to show how your ads are doing.